Services to People Seeking Employment

Throughout the IAJVS network, agency staff can assist you with making and re-evaluating career decisions, setting realistic goals and developing strategies to fulfill your dreams. Services at various agencies include career counseling, employment counseling, job and employer listings, skills and career development workshops and programs, resume review and development, and computer training, among others.

IAJVS is proud to present a number of innvoative and successful employment programs being operated in member agencies around North America.

  • F.E.G.S New York initiated in 2004, an innovative program run in cooperation with New York synagogues, which aims to offer job networking through the use of technology for unemployed Jewish adult workers. The Orthodox community's partnership in publicizing and using the program has helped participation grow from a pilot project with 4 synagogues to currently more than 195 mostly Orthodox synagogues.  More than 3,000 individuals have contacted and more than 1035 individuals have accessed direct services in less than a year and a half of operations.
  • JEM Montreal offers the popular, JEM Networking Club, which is designed to motivate, energize and support those who are job searching. The Networking Club ensures that job searchers remain connected and productive while providing opportunities to network. Guest speakers address pertinent subjects from self-marketing strategies, staying motivated, tactics to overcoming the over-qualified label, conquering procrastination, etc. Every Tuesday morning between 9:30 and 12p.m. an average of 25 - 35 job seekers from ages 18 - 45+ meet at JEM for coffee, cookies and networking. This program has been overwhelmingly successful and has quadrupled in size since its creation.  
  • JVS San Francisco offers the Back-to-Work program to dislocated workers. The program is designed to provide multiple paths to employment for participants. A range of employment and training strategies is critical to assist the target population in identifying and attaining their employment goals, appropriate to their skills and aspirations. JVS works with participants to develop a customized employment and training plan tailored to their skills, work readiness and employment goals. All participants have the benefit of intensive, family-centered case management and peer support through APA, which help participants address issues that affect their ability to find and retain jobs.  The success of the Back-to-Work program is due in part to the ongoing assistance that JVS provides to laid-off garment workers in completing and submitting petitions for training. This service has become crucial for assisting limited-English workers navigate the bureaucracy, red tape and paperwork involved.  
  • JVS MetroWest created an innovative, technology-based, workplace skills training program that could be offered "anytime/anywhere" to enable multiple client populations to learn relevant course content, improve essential literacy skills, and obtain employment or job upgrade.  The JVS Learning Solutions distance/blended learning program provides training in literacy, English as a Second Language, retail and healthcare customer service and job seeking skills for diverse client populations through an innovative multi-media CD-ROM/ internet based platform. The program is suitable for non-traditional learners, people with limited English or low literacy skills, individuals with disabilities, public assistance recipients, emigres, dislocated workers, incumbent workers, and at-risk youth. Over 1,325 individuals have been served to date. The program has been extremely successful in teaching course content to a wide variety of client populations, engaging students and retaining them until the end of the program, and in securing job placements and upgrades.  


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