Services to Older Workers and the Elderly


IAJVS affiliates offer a number of specialized services to older workers and the elderly, including skills training, job placement, physical rehabilitation, volunteer opportunities, and senior care centers.

Some specific examples of adult programming offered by our member agencies include:

  • FEGS' Senior Companion Program matches volunteers who are at least 60 years of age and have incomes below established poverty guidelines with FEGS adult consumers who have developmental disabilities, helping the client improve their quality of life through conversation, recreational outings, and by becoming part of the larger community.  Volunteers are helped to supplement their income with stipends provided by the Senior Companion Program, funded through the federal Corporation for National Community Service, in partnership with the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.
  • FEGS also initiated ParnossahWorks, an innovative program run in cooperation with four Manhattan synagogues, which aims to offer job networking through the use of technology for unemployed Jewish adult workers.
  • JVS MetroWest operates the Maturity Works program, which provides career counseling and job placement services to unemployed older workers ages 45 to 82 funded by the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey.
  • JFVS of Middlesex County runs many programs for weak, sick, and isolated elderly in New Jersey.   The agency operates two Social Adult Day Care programs: ELDERDAY is geared toward frail elderly and those with Alzheimer's disease and early dementia; CAMEO (Challenging Adult Minds and Energizing Ourselves) is for adults with physical challenges who are cognitively alert and oriented.   CHAT (Counseling Homebound Adults by Phone) is a weekly support group facilitated by a social worker, which links homebound adults by telephone.
  • JVS Cincinnati offers an Adult Day Service which works to keep older individuals with disabilities connected to the greater community.  They offer a wide array of services with an emphasis on physical exercise, social interaction, mental stiumulation and personalized care.

These are just some of the myriad programs offered by IAJVS' network affiliates.

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