Services to Individuals with Disabilities

  The IAJVS network brings years of experience in providing employment, training, and service opportunities to individuals with disabilities. The network also showcases innovative programming for this community.

Demonstrating national leadership, IAJVS initiated its first multi-site project in 1998 through the disAbility Employment Initiative. Refunded in May 2002 and closed in June 2005, five JVS affiliates provided computer-based training to persons with severe disabilities. Across the country, the JVS network has trained hundreds of individuals in basic computer literacy. The specific focus on developing curricula and materials appropriate for people with disabilities, and the implementation of advanced coursework in Web design and maintenance, comprised an innovative approach to long-term quality employment.

IAJVS is pleased to announce that youthAbility, a two-year program that provided outreach to and recruitment of young people with disabilities into national and community service programs, was a great success.  Under the direction of IAJVS, ten affiliates collaborated to implement youthAbility, an innovative national project that promoted national service among the nation's youth. The project provided information about national and community service programs to youth with disabilities, established recruitment programs, and helped national and community service programs adapt their programs to make them more inclusive and accommodating to individuals with disabilities. The youthAbility Tech Access Program was a complementary project that helped subsidize the purchase of assistive technology so that youth with disabilities could participate in local volunteer efforts.

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