Get Motivated With Your Job Search

Prepared by:
Larry Jacobs, Career Services Counselor
Jewish Family & Vocational Service of Middlesex County, NJ

The more things change, the more they remain the same. The workplace has certainly changed. The rules of job hunting have changed, but getting hired is still the goal.

Being unemployed or losing a job is certainly not easy. While stress is part of the job search, there are many ways to cope with it in order to move forward. During stressful times such as these, it is important to find ways to relieve tension, "lighten up" and recognize the value of humor and optimism. You need to present a positive attitude while networking and interviewing.

Think about this: If you don't feel good about yourself, can you really expect other people to feel good about you? You cannot fool anyone. Impression is so important. A good rapport brings good chemistry. Enthusiasm is contagious! Try these pointers with your job search:

  • Speak with a smile on the telephone. Your smile will be seen by the employer/recruiter.
  • Focus on the present. The past is done. Learn from your mistakes, and don't let them block your progress. Use your past experiences as a bridge to future opportunities.
  • Surround yourself with winners. Their attitude is contagious.
  • Be the problem solver, not the problem. Brainstorm ways of solving problems and suggest them to others. People will be impressed by your handling of situations.
  • Yesterday, status quo was the norm. Today, flexibility to change gears is the norm.
  • Take care of yourself. Remember to eat well, exercise and relax. Rejuvenate yourself.
  • Do research on job opportunities and market trends in your fields of interest.
  • Volunteer. Worlds of opportunity may arise from offering your services.
  • Prioritize! Design a To-Do List. Write all the achievable tasks you need to do with your job search. Cross off the tasks once completed. You will feel better when you see how much you have accomplished.
  • Be Creative. It allows you to deal with barriers.
  • Be Humorous. It brings you healthy self-esteem, reduces stress, and fosters friendships.
  • Be Spontaneous. Expecting the unexpected permits you to stay loose.

The job market is tough enough. Work with others in your job search. Learn to ask for help. Join a job search support group with people who understand exactly what you're going through.

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