IAJVS youthAbility Tech Access Program


The youthAbility Tech Access Program complements youthAbility, a recruitment and outreach program to involve youth with disabilities in volunteer service. The youthAbility Tech Access Program provided assistive technology to national and community service agencies, thereby allowing them to adapt their programs to make them more inclusive to youth with disabilities. The youthAbility Tech Access Program awarded mini-grants to national and community service agencies for the acquisition of a new piece of assistive technology. The device, in turn, remains with the national or community service agency and allows that agency to continually recruit youth with disabilities to fill positions within their organization.

Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, or product system that is also used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. This definition includes something as simple as a ramp, which when installed near entryways, provides access to individuals who may otherwise have been unable to enter. At the same time, assistive technology expands to encompass items of a high technological nature. For example, a touch sensitive computer monitor would help in cases where an individual has difficulty utilizing a standard keyboard or mouse.

The youthAbility Tech Access Program was made possible through the generous support of NEC Foundation of America. Established in 1991 and endowed at $10 million by NEC Corporation and its United States subsidiaries, the foundation supports programs with national reach and impact in the areas of 1) science and technology education, principally at the secondary level, and/or 2) efforts to apply technology to assist people with disabilities. For further information on NEC Foundation of America, please visit their Website at www.necfoundation.org.

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