History of IAJVS

The Great Depression necessitated Jewish vocational agencies to concentrate on finding jobs for Jewish people facing mass unemployment and widespread discrimination. In 1938, the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds invited various national Jewish organizations to a conference on occupational adjustment. This conference resulted in the formation of the Jewish Occupational Council. More than 60 years later, under the name IAJVS, the organization continues its mission to:

  • Act as a clearinghouse of information for member agencies engaged in vocational guidance, placement, and training;
  • Provide member agencies with technical, informational, and communications support;
  • Guide member agencies toward establishing or improving vocational services;
  • Research private, corporate and governmental funding opportunities for its affiliates.;
  • Represent the network in Washington, D C: meet with congressional leaders and advocates on legislation and issues critical to the field;
  • Represent the network at national and international conferences and meetings; and
  • Provide opportunities for professional development through the development and sponsorship of an annual conference, executive leadership forums and teleconferences.

IAJVS is funded through individual agency memberships, volunteer campaign contributions, and Federal grants.